Product Line and Future Roadmap

Hello Everyone!

We're genuinely grateful to everyone who has explored our latest earphone collections and accessories. Whether you placed an order, visited us at CanJam, or just clicked around on our newly revamped website—we appreciate you!

Our new Chromatic Series adds a vibrant layer to our renowned lineup of universal IEMs like Trifecta, Solaris, and Andromeda. Our aim? To offer you more choices to find your perfect HiFi partner, both in terms of sound and style.

We heard your calls for a universal Supermoon and had plans to enhance our custom offerings. This sparked the idea to merge these paths. So, the Chromatic Series is here to stay, but don't worry, it won't edge out our much-loved aluminum shells or other classic designs.

Quick heads-up: Our earlier releases, Andromeda Emerald Sea, Solaris Stellar Horizon, and Trifecta Astral Plane, are still around. Also, keep an eye out for refreshed stock of Emerald Sea and Stellar Horizon with sleeker, simpler packaging.

On a special note, if you've had your eye on the Trifecta Astral Plane, now might be the time to make it part of your collection. We're down to our last few units, and once they're gone, they're truly gone. We wanted to give our loyal fans the opportunity to own this unique piece before we bid farewell to this very special edition of Trifecta.

As we always do, we're busy cooking up new IEM delights—new configurations, limited editions, and even tweaks to our mainstays. We're thrilled about the unique experience that the Chromatic Series offers, and we can't wait to continue this audio journey with you all.

Got questions? Feel free to shoot us an email at  We love to hear from you and your feedback is what makes us better and helps to shape our development.  

We also want to highlight how much we cherish the conversations we have with our community. Your insights and feedback inspire us and fuel our creativity to explore new sonic horizons. While we have our own vision, hearing from you adds a rewarding layer to our design process, encouraging us to push boundaries and innovate.

A huge thanks to everyone for your ongoing support and enthusiasm. You make all this possible!

Best Wishes, 

The Campfire Audio Team

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