Trade In Program


We believe in the lasting value our earphones provide. We also know that picking up a new Campfire Audio earphone is great. So by popular demand, we've created this Trade-In program. This program provides a quick and easy opportunity to apply the value of your existing Campfire Audio earphones toward purchasing a new pair on[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text css_animation="fadeIn"]

How does it work?

1.  Submit your product information

2.  Receive your confirmation and preliminary quote.

3.  Send in your earphones.

4.  We'll test, inspect, and confirm your trade-in.

5.  Receive your unique coupon code for your trade-in.

6.  Use your coupon code towards a purchase on


Following the steps to complete your trade-in:

1.  Confirmed Request

You'll automatically receive an email confirmation of your request once you submit the Trade-In form above.

2.  Trade-In Valuation

We will email a reply to your Trade-In request with a Trade-In Credit Value based on the model of your earphone and its condition.

3.  Send It In!

You may accept our credit valuation offer by sending your Trade-In to us at our shop once you've been given the ok in our valuation.  Our valuation offer email will include more detailed shipping instructions to help guide you.

4.  Receipt & Inspection

Once we receive your earphones, they will head to our inspection process.  Your earphones will be graded using our standard earphone inspection procedure; examining both cosmetics and functionality.

5.  We Send You Credit!

If your earphone matches the agreed-upon condition, we will issue you a personalized store credit for use on  If, for some reason, we have questions about the earphones you've sent in for Trade, we'll contact you directly to review your options with you.


And That's it!  Easy!

We've put this program together based on the many requests we've received to do so.  We believe strongly in our earphones and think they provide lasting value.  We also know that sometimes the allure of the new generation of products is strong.  We hope this program gives you a quick and easy opportunity to apply the value of your existing Campfire Audio earphones toward purchasing a new pair. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly at

Frequently Asked Questions About The Trade-In Program


What can I trade in?

You can trade in any Campfire Audio earphones you own.

Can I trade in products other than Campfire Audio earphones or headphones?

We are only accepting Campfire Audio earphones and headphones. Cables, cases, and other products are not eligible for trade-in. 

Please only send your earphones.  The included cables, cases, etc., will not contribute to your trade-in valuation.

Can I return the item I purchase using my unique Trade-In code?

You can still return your product under our 14-day return window.  You will be issued a new code for the value of your trade-in, and your payment will be refunded. 

All terms of our standard return policy apply.

Can I trade my earphones for cash?

No. This trade-in system is intended to help Campfire Audio fans upgrade to a newer product.  Additionally, we can’t issue cash payments. 

Trade-in credits are issued via a unique coupon code only.

How is my product graded?

Products are graded using the same process we use on our Campfireaudio.Market site.  IEMs must pass 100% of our sonic testing parameters.  Cosmetic damage is ok; its degree will contribute to your earphone's valuation.  Some earphones may be too cosmetically damaged for us to accept. 

We understand that these products are premium, and we will always grade your product with this in mind.  We value and respect the investment you initially put into these products.

Can I use my unique coupon code on your other websites, like Campfireaudio.Market or

Trade-in coupons are only usable for one-time purchases on the site. 

What if I disagree with your valuation offer?

You don't have to accept it.  Our pricing tables have been carefully constructed to offer excellent earphone value.  And, while we cannot negotiate our valuation offers, we do want to hear from people about how we can do better. 

What if your inspection changes the valuation offer?  Can I get my earphones back?

Sure.  We'll let you know if our inspection of your earphone alters our initial valuation.  If you determine that you don't want to proceed with your trade-in because of this change, we're happy to work with you to return your earphones to you.  However, you will be responsible for the return shipping on your earphones.  We will provide you a quote for return shipping at that time using our shipping rates. 

What if I want my Trade-In earphones back after I use my coupon to make a new purchase?

Once your earphones are thoroughly inspected and our valuation offer of store credit is accepted, your earphones are placed into our normal production process flow and are no longer available to be retrieved. 

Please ensure you understand that you are exchanging your earphones permanently for credit on 


If you find you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us directly at

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