“A winning formula of an engaging signature, combined with excellent technical capabilities. Andromeda’s signature is a full package, and its ability to do well in all departments makes it incredibly versatile.”  [more]
– Nic, 

“Campfire Audio has hit it out of the ballpark with every single one of their releases…” [more]
– Alfred,

“Campfire Audio have pulled off something of a miracle here…[more]
– expatinjapan,

“Andromeda the galaxy, so far away, and visible only if you’re sufficiently removed from people and cities, is nothing like Andromeda the earphone. You have to search for it. Andromeda the earphone surrounds you.” [more]
– Nathan,

“Its like I imagine the sound of listening to the master tapes of a band.” [more]
– expatinjapan,

“The Andromeda has an incredibly impressive soundstage, rivalling the absolute top of the industry.” [more]
– Martin,

 “Lyra II is a steady performer and as with all the other earphones that come out of Campfire Audios stable it is a picture of quality in build as well as in sound.” [more]
– expatinjapan,

“the Vega has taken a shiny Liquidmetal hammer to my preconceptions, and produced hands down the best sound I have heard so far from an in-ear monitor…” [more]
– Jackpot77,