Get to Know Campfire Audio

Get to Know Campfire Audio

Here in Portland, the team at Campfire has been making a lot of changes to the way we do things, with the aim of elevating and clearly expressing our passion and creative vision for the future. We wanted to share some of our thinking here, in addition to laying out just exactly what changes we’ve made. 

First, a quick view as to who we are. In its current form, Campfire Audio is a team of thirteen total team members. The folks that work here are an extremely passionate, creative, talented, and tight-knit group. Most team members contribute to a wide range of projects and aspects of what we do. This helps us be dynamic and adapt to challenges that arise, which have been plenty (as most have experienced) during the past couple of years. 

With the release of Trifecta, Campfire took a first step into a new production model in addition to implementing a whole new packaging style, bringing much of the process in house and into our direct control. Now, with the release of Andromeda ‘Emerald Sea,’ and Solaris ‘Stellar Horizon,’ we’ve been able to bring these two flagship products in line with our new production model, aesthetic and update them sonically and physically. As we bring the core of our lineup in line with our new production model, packaging, and accessories, we will also bring about all-new designs and configurations.

From a technical perspective, our engineers have continued to push the boundaries and build on what we’ve learned since 2015. Refining housing styles to make them both more ergonomic, durable, and striking. Creating brand-new styles of acoustic chambers to use with new driver configurations while also updating classics. Hand-in-hand with all of this is our production team’s skill-level and dedication to create a high level of consistency and exceeding our already rigorous QC standards. 

Another big change we’ve made over the past several months is the building out of our own small print shop. We now design, print, build, fold, and sticker all of the packaging in house. Your product certificate was stamped by hand, the backdrop of your display box was printed via our Risograph machine after being designed by our team, and the box itself was designed by our engineers, cut on our laser-cutter, and put together by hand by the same people that built your IEMs. Your box’s display hand was 3D-printed and painted by hand. Even the folder holding your IEMs documents was printed, cut, and folded here at Campfire HQ. 

Bringing all of this in-house, allows us to create a wider range of changing editions and styles of earphones, and likewise gives us greater creative and quality control of what we release. It additionally lowers our reliance on outside parties.
Our goal is to provide products that are both sonically and aesthetically exciting, fun, and engaging. We strive to continually evolve our line while not abandoning the past successes that helped get Campfire to the place it is now. Some will ask, 'why make so many changes?' While others will wish for even more drastic change and to move on from older Campfire IEM lineages. We feel that we can provide a mixture of reinvented lines and brand new concepts, while keeping it all in the cohesive, hand-touched approach we have been able to cultivate. We hope that our passion and excitement for the work we do is conveyed in each detail and moment of interaction with our products.

The Campfire Audio Team

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