Caring for your IEMs

When it comes to maintaining the longevity of your IEMs, a little bit can go a long way. Regular gentle cleanings, keeping them in their case when not in use, and being mindful of weather conditions and moisture will keep your earphones in great working order for many years to come. 


Cleaning your IEMs:


Each of our IEMs comes with our IEM cleaning tool. Using the brush end of this to regularly, gently, sweep out debris will prevent accumulation of dust and sebum. Too much build-up of debris can lead to driver clogging which can create channel imbalance or a total lack of output from one or both channels. 

You can also use the small hook on the end of the cleaning tool to gently extract debris as well. If you are concerned about build-up or would like your earphones deep cleaned by our technicians, you can send them in for a $40 cleaning fee + shipping. 


Cleaning and sanitizing the outside of your earphones is quick and easy. For aluminum shells, a q-tip or microfiber cloth with a small amount of isopropyl alcohol is sufficient.

For our chromatic series, we do not recommend alcohol, as it can cause fogging on the lacquer finish. A damp microfiber cloth with a very small amount of warm water works well. It is best to ring out as much excess water as possible prior to wiping them, and avoiding seams and the grill of the earphones is advised. 

For our ABS plastic models, like Honeydew, Satsuma, and Onyx, we also advise against using alcohol, as it can blemish the shine of the shell. Again, a very slightly damp soft cloth is sufficient here. 

For Trifecta, please also avoid the use of alcohol or other solvents. 





Cosmetic Wear and Patina:

Blemishes to the finish of your earphones may occur over time. Though exterior wear doesn't affect the performance of your earphones, protecting them from impacts that damage the finish will also protect from potential internal damage and have the added benefit of keeping them looking better for longer. 

We strongly advise returning them to their two-pocket mesh bag in between uses. It is also good practice to keep your IEMs from clinking into one another, this can be one of the leading causes of cosmetic blemishes, especially when it comes to anodized finishes. 

Our products are highly durable and meant to be enjoyed and used maximally. Even with great care, over the years, your IEMs will likely show signs of use externally, but will maintain their sonic performance for years to come. 

Cosmetic damage is not covered under warranty, and often, is not repairable. If you have any concerns about the condition of your product we're always happy to help if we are able. Feel free to contact us at any time.