CA Trade-In Program

How does it work?

  1. Email the model, condition, and photo(s) to
  2. Receive confirmation and a preliminary quote
  3. Send in your IEMs
  4. We’ll test, inspect, and confirm your trade-in
  5. Receive your unique coupon code for your trade-in
  6. Use your coupon code on

Please review the below terms for more information

Can I trade in products other than IEM/Headphones?

We are only accepting Campfire Audio IEMs and headphones. Cables, cases, and other products are not eligible for trade-in. 

Please only send your IEMs, included cables, cases, etc. will not contribute to the valuation of your trade-in 

What if I want to return the item I used my code to purchase?

You can still return your product under our 14-day return window. You will be issued a new code for the value of your trade in, and your payment will be refunded. 

All terms of our standard return policy apply.

Can I trade my product in for cash?

This system is intended to help CA fans upgrade to a newer product. Additionally, we don’t have the ability to issue cash payments. Trade-ins are issued via a unique coupon code only.

How is my product graded/valued?

Products are graded using the same grading process we use on our Market site. IEMs must pass 100% of our sonic testing parameters. Cosmetic damage is ok, and the degree of it will contribute to the valuation of your IEM. Some IEMs may be too cosmetically damaged for us to accept. 

We understand that these products were likely quite expensive at the time of purchase, and we will always grade your product with this in mind. We value and respect the investment you initially put into these products. 

Can I use my coupon code on other sites like the Campfire Market?

Trade-in coupons are only usable on the Campfire Audio main site only at