Customs Information Page

Campfire Audio Custom IEMs are a made-to-order, perfect fit unique to your ear

We offer two fit styles:

  • Audiophile - A shallower canal piece for greater comfort for longer listening sessions. Recommended for most everyday listening applications.
  • Artist Fit - A longer canal piece for greater security and a marginal increase in isolation. Best for performing artists and pro audio application. 


Ordering customs is fast and easy:

  1. Place your order - Select your desired model and fit style
  2. Send us your inner ear impressions - If you are in the US we will send a pre-paid shipping label for your impressions. See below for more information on getting the best impressions for your CIEMs.
  3. Receive your customs! - Once we have your impressions, we take it from there! Lead times vary based on order volume, typically orders ship within 2-4 weeks of receipt of your impressions. 

Impressions can be sent to:

Campfire Audio: IMPRESSIONS
2400 SE Ankeny Street
Portland, Oregon 97214 USA


Getting inner-ear impressions:

The best predictor of a perfect fit for your CIEMs is a quality inner-ear impression. Impressions can be made at your local audiologist. Appointments typically take 20-30 mins and cost $50-$100. 

We accept silicone impressions or digital scans in .stl format. We highly recommend physical impressions as they produce better results and heavily limit the chances of needing a refit. 

Please ensure that your audiologist uses a bite-block when making your impressions. A bite-block will hold the jaw slightly open while making your impression; this ensures a better fit and will help maintain a tight seal when talking/chewing, etc. 


What is a refit?

Though rare, it is possible your CIEM will need a slight fit adjustment after you first receive them, we offer up to three rounds of refits at no charge. It is very important to us that your customs fit perfectly, and we encourage to communicate with us if you have any discomfort or adjustments you'd like.

If a single round of refits doesn't take, we typically recommend getting new impressions, as multiple refits tends to indicate an error in the impression itself. 



Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have. We're happy to help!