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Highs - Treble is one of the most polarising areas of sound. Some people like the sparkle but I think in a lot of cases they actually like the increase in detail that often comes with that.  Usually, I find the earphones that do well in that area also are inevitable tied into fatigue from prolonged listening.  The vast majority of audio fans actually sway towards a non offensive treble presentation, usually as this is tied to earphones with a warmer midrange and extended bass, but what if we could have both?  Amazing clarity and detail in the highs but without the spikes and dips into offensive behaviour?  Could we pair that with a warmth in mids and weight in the lows?  The answer is apparently yes.  The treble on the Andromeda for me is bang on perfect.  Lots of air, beautiful clarity and it shows an extreme cohesion with the overall sound profile of the IEM

Mids - The midrange is smooth with lots and lots of detail.  The kind of detail that people talk about "hearing things they never heard before" trust me if its there in the track then the Andromeda is going to show it.  Even though the mids could be described as warm that might actually be an injustice to what seems to be happening here.  The Andromeda just sound so brilliantly natural.  To hear people describe things as sounding "just the way the artist intended" is a very loaded way of describing things but I do get what they mean. Live tracks on these earphones sound incredible and even when put side by side with the Shure SE846 i found them a step ahead in pure listening pleasure.  Vocals, whether it be male or female are beautifully rendered again sounding natural and intimate.

Lows - The lows are tight but thankfully for a balanced armature also have considerable weight behind them thanks to Campfire Audio doubling up on those low drivers.  It won't extend to the darkest depths, sub bass is at moderate levels, but a combination of speed and detail in the low end make these work extremely well with electronic music.  No matter how hectic things got during our listening sessions, even when trying to overwhelm them with EBM and industrial tracks from the likes of VNV Nation, Psyclon Nine and Chombichrist, the Andromeda never ever got sloppy or lost their composure.  Its the kind of low end that reacts as the music requires, if things are meant to be laid back and weighty or if they are meant to get fast and remain punchy the Andromeda are capable of keeping up.  The same rings true when we switched our low end listening over from electronic to strings and drums.  The amount of power seems spot on to what the track requires and doesn't ever appear to be artificially enhanced nor overly lightweight.

In my eyes with the Andromeda CA are offering a truly top of the line and possibly end game product. The accessories are on point, they look incredible, they are constructed with a ridiculous level of fit and finish and are tuned to near perfection.  The other thing I like about Campfire is that I wholeheartedly support the company for the lengths they go in the creation of these IEM's and there commitment to try create the best hardware possible. Speak to them and you hear that passion but you can also see it in the finished article there is a passion there and a community we should be supporting brands like that as opposed to those that are in it to exploit the hobby.

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Thanks for the terrific review!  We appreciate it very much!
Campfire Audio
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