Lyra – Bassy and Melodic

Lyra – Bassy and Melodic had an early preview of our Lyra, pre-production;
"Digitalism’s I Love You Dude is alternately bassy and melodic. At times it even gushes. It’s not as moving as aM’s KNEwwaVE, or as hard-hitting as Justice’s self-titled album, but if you’re speed-testing headphones, it’s about as fully functional an album as exists.
Not that I’m speed-testing Campfire Audio’s Lyra. I’ve had them in and out of my ears for about three weeks. And I’m pretty familiar with them now. It’s just that I Love You Dude really is doing its job of fine-combing my thoughts on the first product from ALO Audio’s new brand."

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-Campfire Audio
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