"Campfire's flagship sounds incredible!" --> New Andromeda Review

HiSoundFi's Review of Andromeda   HiSoundFi has a full length review of the Andromeda at Head-Fi.org:

"From housing to jack, the Andromeda has a very high end look with an almost jewelry like appearance. The machine screws and clear MMCX connectors add an extra sense of quality and craftsmanship."

"The cable is awesome. It’s a four strand braided Litz wire with swiveling MMCX connectors and memory wire. The flexible cable has virtually no spring very little memory.  The Y-split is a metal jacketing that splits the four strand braid into two twisted lines that lead to each channel. A clear rubber chin/neck slider is attached to the cable and works well. The Cable Jack is a gold plated 3.5 mm jack, and ninety degree solid frosted clear rubber jacketing.  The Andromeda has two inches of memory wire that lead to two MMCX connectors.They are covered in the same frosted clear hard rubber coating found at the jack. Every aspect of this cable is premium and Find it an upgrade in terms of quality and performance over most of what I own."

"The Andromeda is built like a tank and sounds as good as any in-ear monitor I’ve ever heard, including more expensive models."

"Andromeda has an added dimension to its sound that makes many other earphones seem flat and lifeless. Campfire audio has produced an earphone that gives listeners something that is unique and refreshing in terms of in-ear monitors. They combine a slightly musical signature with a level of separation, extension, detail and soundstage that makes them a personal favorite. Upon the conclusion of this review, I’m going to contact Ken and Caleb and tell them that I’m buying this pair. I have plenty of earphones to listen to, but I like these enough to not let them leave. The Andromeda sound quality makes me look at other earphones that I’ve given five star reviews and makes me consider lowering it if these are the new standard. Instead, I’ll end this review by saying these have six star sound."

Read the full review here:  http://www.head-fi.org/products/campfire-audio-andromeda/ Wow!  We are humbled by the awesome review! Cheers, Campfire Audio
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