Headfonics.com has a detailed and positive review of our Jupiter: "The Fit & Isolation In short, its superb and something I did not expect to experience to be honest given the high regard I have for Westone’s SureFit technology but the slightly larger size worked a treat. Isolation is one of the best yet outside of custom designs, especially with the foam tips. Whilst they weren’t exactly invisible or weightless compared to the Westone more compact approach, that slightly larger body and angular nozzle was just the right weight and angle to fit first time without any adjustment. There was zero movement or gaps developing, even in open jaw mode, and a limpet type seal blocking out a huge percentage of background noise and wind is a job done very well indeed. I got a slight diminution with the silicone tips but still very competitive. In comparison the Jupiter’s seal is superior to the smaller, but no less expensive, SE846, IE800 and the AKG K3003. That should be good enough for anyone not interested in custom builds to give the Jupiter a whirl in any demo. Of course those with tiny canals might feel they are a bit too tight and we all have different sized ears but for my money (and ears) I think Campfire got these spot on." Read the full review here: http://headfonics.com/2016/01/the-jupiter-iem-by-campfire-audio/ Cheers! -Campfire Audio
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