HeadPie Andromeda Review

First review for the Andromeda by Damon @ Headpie:  

"The build of the Campfire Audio Andromeda is exquisite. Seemingly a classic in the making and its overall look and design. The quality of the machining is beautiful to look, each unit is piece of art in itself.  It casts an illusion of hardness and weight, yet the converse is true. The Andromeda is lightweight and solid, yet fits within the ears with a softness If you will. Five balanced armature drivers with a tubeless resonator box into a machined aluminum enclosure."

"The Campfire Audio IEMs do look like sharp edged heavy beasts, but really they anything but.  Light, well designed to fit within the inner ear, and a delicately angled nozzle to achieve a decent seal to aid one on the path to musical happiness."

"The Andromeda walks a tightrope being both well balanced and even reference sounding to a degree, yet also musical but without the usual accompanying coloring that other IEMs offer.  It has great resolution, layering and has fantastic micro detailing with the right Dap. They are smooth, even organic to a degree, detailed and have a fast response overall. I find I am able to listen to the Andromeda for lengthy periods of time without fatigue."
  Read the full review here: http://headpie.blogspot.jp/campfire-audio-andromeda-review   Thanks so much for the awesome review HeadPie!   Cheers,   Campfire Audio
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