Inearspace - Beryllium for Bass

Inearspace - Beryllium for Bass

Some review highlights;

"Oooh a new brand? In image yes, but in brains, not quite. Ken Ball of ALO Audio has had his hands dirty building (a) Campfire, just as he has done with ALO all these years and while until now I have owned just one ALO amp, these guys are major players in the portable industry. My first impressions of Campfire were very excitable for the main reason that there seems nothing generic about these new models."

"In the right light the Lyra’s ceramic housing shines, not quite as bright as the star constellation it was named after mind you, but it looks fantastic. It feels just as awesome and I am so happy with the decision to make this form factor of earphone in a way that is actually well built. I love the almost custom like over the ear fit..."

"Surprisingly the soundstage is very clear and well presented without any muddle..."

"In fact it has better depth than the Roxannes and feels in general more three dimensional."  

Thanks for the great review InEarSpace!
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