"TOPPING THE MAKER GAME" - Andromeda review @ Headfonia

New Andromeda Review @ Headfonia:

"Andromeda the galaxy, so far away, and visible only if you’re sufficiently removed from people and cities, is nothing like Andromeda the earphone. You have to search for it. Andromeda the earphone surrounds you. Its mids surround you, buttressed gently by smoothly transitioning bass and clear highs. It is unchalky. Bass sound pressure takes a back stage position to low-frequency spatial cues. It is emotional enough to light up you favourite Ali Farka Touré album but just dry enough justify trance, progressive, and hard EDM for a while."

Read the full review here:  http://www.headfonia.com/review-campfire-audio-andromeda-topping-maker-game/

Thanks for the great review!


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