Andromeda Emerald Sea

Bask in the glow of the latest revision to the Campfire classic

Visit the Shores of the Emerald Sea

A top-to-bottom revision of a Campfire classic, Emerald Sea features updated balanced armatures that bring a warm analog glow to an already crisp and detailed sound signature. Coupled with a fully re-engineered housing, Emerald Sea is astounding in both form and function. 

Dual Diaphragm Balanced Armatures

One of the newest developments in balanced armature technology, Campfire is proud to implement Knowles’ new dual-diaphragm armatures. This additional diaphragm allows the driver to produce greater sonic output, creating a richer signal. These drivers also feature the added benefits of lower sensitivity, and extremely low harmonic distortion.

"The absolute resolution, crazy sound staging, and jaw-dropping textures. The new, refined build is a direct improvement in terms of looks and ergonomics, the Emerald Sea is a worthy successor of the series... it is impossible to not recommend it".

- Michal Sommerfeld, Ear Fidelity
  • Peak Performance

    Andromeda is precision engineered inside-and-out by the same engineering team that has brought you all Campfire IEMs for years. Leveraging our many in-house designs and advancements, Andromeda Emerald Sea brings a subtle new flavor and wonderful build improvments to the Andromeda line.

  • Tuned With Intention

    This curve displays relative volume levels at each point across the frequency spectrum, reflecting Fathom's careful balance and refinement in tuning. Though FR curves are a great general guide, they can't convey technicalities like soundstage, imaging, layering, etc

Reshaping a Classic: Improved Exterior

Andromeda Emerald Sea features a fully re-engineered housing. Drawing from the original, this new shell design features smoothed facets and greater ergonomics, and an all-new fastener system, making this iteration of Andromedaeven more comfortable and long-lasting.

Creating Space: TAEC Technology

Campfire’s patented driver treatment technology, TAEC is a specially crafted, unique space in which a balanced armature is housed. This allows for the emphasis/de-emphasis of specific frequency bands, enabling the ultra-fine tuning of a driver.

"In accordance with the improvements to resolving power so too has the soundstage grown more expansive over the already impressive 2020."

- Ryan Soo, Everyday Listening

Phase Harmony Engineering

At Campfire Audio, our philosophy regarding driver treatment informs a considered approach that emphasizes quality over quantity. In the arms-race to fit a higher and higher number of drivers into an earphone, we find that a results-driven technique to driver treatment produces superior results with less room for pitfalls and ever-expanding variables that can undermine product consistency. 

One of the products of this approach is our Phase Harmony Engineering, that allows us to segment the frequency spectrum and assign these segments to specific drivers, and allows those drivers to apply their strengths to that area. Using a combination of precision engineered driver housings and shell geometry, coupled with custom damping values we are able to physically shape the tuning and response of the drivers, and further, their interaction with one another. This driver-to-driver interaction is crucial to eliminating points of potential phase cancellation and creating the intangibles that don’t show on a frequency response curve; imaging, separation, resolution, and soundstage. 

  • Time Stream Cables AES Border

    Fully Equipped

    Fathom includes a premium leather case, handmade by our friends in Portugal, two of our new TimeStream cables (3.5, 2.5 & 4.4mm), a two pocket Breezy Bag Micro, a full compliment of eartips, an IEM Cleaning Tool, Microfiber cleaning cloth, and our famous CA Lapel Pin.

  • Built by Hand in the United States

    All units of Fathom are meticulously buillt by hand by a small team in Portland, Oregon. Each unit is stamped with the signature of one of our five incredible production technicians that built your earphone from start to finish.

Experience the Tranquil Glow of Andromeda Emerald Sea