"[Fathom] gives you a very nice weight to the music, especially in the midrange, and the treble is sparkly and highly detailed... It is now the most universal offering from the brand.
Considering its beautiful design and build quality, married with a sound that is engaging yet polished and easy to listen to, the Fathom has everything it takes to become the new bestseller from CFA."

Pawel Szachno - Ear Fidelity
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"Fathom represents an evolution of the Andromeda formula that feels highly familiar yet changed in a meaningful way that earns the new title. The same beloved traits are apparent; that being a warm, rich bass, articulate midrange, and detail-forward treble. However, they are now enhanced with a much cleaner background and more accurate imaging alongside a more authentic treble instrument portrayal."

Ryan Soo - Everyday Listening

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"The Campfire Audio Fathom is a very balanced-sounding BA IEM with a natural, agreeable lilt to its sound signature combined with excellent vocal presence and impressive imaging. Arguably, this is ‘next level’ Andromeda at ‘same level’ pricing."

Marcus - Headfonics
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