Moon Rover

Limited Edition 12mm Planar Magnetic IEM in Flame-Treated Titanium

Moon Rover is a limited edition IEM, with a total run of 888 units. Featuring a custom 12mm planar driver, it boasts a cohesive, well-rounded signature offering wonderful texture and resolution.

Each housing is flame-treated by hand, giving them a subtle range of color that is revealed as it catches the light. Coupling our classic, faceted shell style in lightweight titanium with exciting new planar technology, Moon Rover is a beautiful synthesis of Campfire's past, present, and future.

Explore the Sonic Expanse

Moon Rover features one of Campfire's most neutral, analytical sound signatures of our current line-up. From low-to-high, its response is incredibly linear and well-balanced.

High frequencies are presented with brilliant, crystalline detail, bringing astounding impact and resolution to the upper register. Mids sit on even ground with the bass and high frequency response, rather than being recessed or brought to the forefront.

Moon Rover's superior transient speed enables it to create this balance while remaining well-defined, spacious, and layered.

Neutral frequency response, superb technicalities, and the unique planar timbre, all characterize Moon Rover's one-of-a-kind performance.

Blast Off: Flame-Treated Titanium

Moon Rover is a truly unique piece of Campfire history, with each piece being individually flame-treated by hand to create a subtle, striking, organic finish. Each color reflected on Moon Rovers titanium shell is created by the gradient of temperature applied during treatment, with wonderful blues, purples, and yellows being revealed as they catch the light. 

The aircraft grade titanium used for Moon Rover is lightweight and highly durable. After flame treatment, they are understated and rugged in one light and flush with beautiful color in the next.

Finished with a black PVD steel spout assembly and gold-plated tri-lobe screws, Moon Rover is aurally astounding, uniquely built, limited-edition earphone that will find a special place in your personal HiFi collection.

  • Peak Performance

    Moon Rover is precision engineered inside-and-out by the same engineering team that has brought you all of your favorite Campfire IEMs for years. Leveraging our many in-house designs and advancements, Moon Rover is an earphone that offers a you a unique sonic experience.

  • Tuned With Intention

    This curve displays relative volume levels at each point across the frequency spectrum, reflecting Moon Rover's careful balance and refinement in tuning. Though frequency curves are a great general guide, they can't convey technicalities like soundstage, imaging, layering, etc

Changing the Game: Planar Magnetic Drivers and Campfire Audio

Advancing IEM Performance

Until recently, planar drivers were deemed unsuited for IEM applications; held back by size, sensitivity and cost limitations, they were long used in over-ear headphones. However, advancements in this technology have overcome these limitations enough for them to be used in portable, in-ear applications.

Now, the wonderful character and advantages of planar drivers can be brought to IEM lovers; with their unique blend of size and speed and accompanying unique sonic characteristics.

Campfire's first planar IEM, Supermoon's premium, planar sound quickly became a fan favorite and became one of the most renowned planar IEMs on the market. Now, with Moon Rover, we have taken the next step in expanding this branch of our IEM offerings.

New 12mm Planar Magnetic Driver

Campfire’s new full-range, custom 12mm planar driver brings a host of technical and performance advantages to Moon Rover’s sonic performance. As a single, full-range driver, it creates a cohesive balance in timbre from its deepest low to its highest highs, wrapping the full-scope of its frequency response in a uniform, brilliant character.

This driver's unique character, and blend of size and speed, helps foster Moon Rover's reference-like sound signature that is even-keeled, crisp, and refined.

Speed & Impulse Response

Planar drivers, despite the large size, are capable of moving incredibly fast. This speed creates a great deal of sharp detail and overall resolution, presenting your tracks with life-like realism and creating a vast canvas on which every layer and element of your music is displayed.

Reflecting this driver's rapid, accurate movement is its outstanding impulse response -the ability of the driver to respond to signal and stop resulting movement quickly- allowing the driver to move from note to succeeding note without overlap or ‘smearing.’ 

Seen here,  a comparison between the impulse response of Moon Rover’s 12mm planar and that of one of our most advanced dynamic drivers. Highlighted in blue, Moon Rover’s rapid impulse response demonstrates this IEMs lightning fast signal production.

  • Seen here, a comparison between the impulse response of Moon Rover’s 12mm planar and that of one of our most advanced dynamic drivers. Highlighted in blue, Moon Rover’s rapid impulse response demonstrates this IEMs lightning fast signal production.

Even Diaphragm Movement

Planar driver’s serpentine voice coil is distributed evenly over the entire surface of the diaphragm which stimulates driver movement such that the driver does not warp or bend as it moves back and forth. This contributes to the drivers incredible accuracy and rapid impulse response, making each note tight and defined and avoiding smearing seen in other large, dynamic drivers. 

Coupling the speed and even movement of the drivers diaphragm enables Moon Rover to create incredibly accurate representations of the original sound.

Planar Wavefront

Another unique facet of planar performance is its propagation of a plane wavefront, contrasting with the spherical wavefront created by standard cone speakers/dynamic drivers.

The shape of a given wavefront will change the acoustic interaction with the ear canal, changing reflections and altering our perception. The unique wavefront of planar drivers contributes to the special timbre and character of Campfire’s planar IEMs.

Low Total Harmonic Distortion

Yet another advantage of planar technology is the incredibly low overall THD ratio. Campfire’s custom drivers already feature a very low distortion level, and our new planar drivers bring this number to an unbelievable new low.

Combined with the speed, precision, and even movement of the planar driver, this super low THD ratio adds another layer to the planar driver’s crisp, clean, and accurate sonic reproduction.

  • Accessories:

    Pebble-Gray, leather folding wallet - handmade in Portugal, Super Smoky Litz 3.5 Cable, 'Breezy Bag Micro' two pocket mesh pouch, Selection of Eartips - Silicone (S, M, L) & Foam (S, M, L), IEM Cleaning Tool, & CA Lapel Pin

  • Built by Hand in the United States

    All units of Moon Rover are meticulously built by hand by a small team in Portland, Oregon. Each unit comes in an individually number box; 1-888.

Add a One-of-a-Kind Moon Rover to Your HiFi Line-Up