Solaris 'Stellar Horizon' Reviews

"With the Solaris Stellar Horizon, Campfire Audio has made a perfect tune-up of their beloved Solaris series by introducing next-level performance, clear solid bass, and seducing upper-frequencies... We can say that Solaris Stellar Horizon is in full charge of technical agility among Campfire’s three new flagships, making it recommendable as an endgame choice for those who would like to have a neutral-bright sound that is highly resolving yet also refined and smooth."

Paul - About Audio
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"The Campfire Audio Solaris Stellar Horizon offers a sound tuning that impressed me with its balanced, natural and quite accurate tuning and timbre. The bass is deep, powerful and well-controlled, with excellent extension, speed and authority especially after a burn-in period of 100+ hours. The midrange sounds pretty rich, smooth and detailed, with a clear and transparent presentation of vocals and instruments, while the treble area is produced in a pretty crisp, airy and extended manner, which shows a smooth and refined delivery of nuances and subtleties. The soundstage on the other hand is wide, spacious and fairly immersive that delivers a realistic and holographic sound field."

Gökhan Aydin - Moonstar Reviews

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"Technically, Solaris Stellar Horizon is on a whole different level to the previous models with a much-improved soundstage performance, additional headroom, and generally a more coherent presentation.

If you are coming from the OG Solaris, the openness of the mids and the wider staging quality is perhaps the most striking difference. These new drivers and acoustical chamber designs really cast out a very wide stereo field in keeping with what a lot of flagship monitors seem to be going for"

Marcus - Headfonics
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"... when I tried Tove Lo and her fantastic “How Long”, the Solaris Stellar Horizon simply turned into an astonishing show. The forwardness, detail, and timbre of her voice were just absolutely marvelous, and I actually went on to listen to the track three times in a row. Additionally, what I’m going to spoil for you is the soundstage which is absolutely up there with the best of the best on the market, which further enhances the midrange performance, especially with female vocals."

Pawel Szachno - Ear Fidelity
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