Trifecta Reviews

"Trifecta is first and foremost an emotional listen; I can’t help but be swept up in its massive, enveloping bass and smooth, organic midrange. It’s one of the more analogue-sounding IEMs I’ve heard, and is both lifelike and natural when it comes to vocal and instrument timbre.

Trifecta is also a technically competent performer, and other than absolute resolution and speed with superfast and aggressive electronic, hard rock or metal, it’s one of the better technical performers across the board for most other metrics. Its staging, imaging, layering and separation performance is unquestionably world class to my ears."

Guy Lerner - The Headphone List
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"Trifecta is not only a new chapter for Campfire Audio but also an inspiration for the audiophile industry towards dynamic drivers. I admire their creativity as well as that the product doesn’t stand on gimmicks but for genuine sound quality and performance. Trifecta’s powerful, lush, and massive sound is more than enough for those who love dynamic drivers but also crave multi-driver finesse and sound imaging."

Paul -

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"The Campfire Audio Trifecta is one of the most unique-looking and sounding high-end in-ear monitors I have reviewed to date. [And] has what I call a strong ‘memorable quality’ which in this day and age of multiple monthly cookie-cutter multi-driver IEM launches is something that is becoming a rarity. So, go ahead and celebrate the difference, folks."

Marcus - Headfonics
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  • Amplify Audio Reviews

    "Campfire Audio Trifecta changed the hobby for me!"

    A thorough video breakdown of Trifecta.

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  • Moonstar Reviews

    "The Campfire Audio Trifecta Astral Plane is maybe one of the best IEM’s that I have listened when it comes to the soundstage performance."

    -Gökhan Aydin

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  • Forbes

    "The Campfire Audio Trifecta are probably the best IEMs you’ll ever hear, bar none."

    -Mark Sparrow
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  • Head-Fi

    "...the whole soundscape of the Trifecta feels as though it is emanating out from a pulsating gravitational centre of bass driven dynamism. It is unlike anything else I have heard in IEM form."

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