The flagship hybird-IEM of the Campfire Chromatic Series

Welcome to Bonneville

Built for the ultimate audiophile: Bonneville combines cutting-edge hybrid technology with artistic design to guide you through a symphonic journey, unraveling the intricate layers of your favorite music with unparalleled precision.

Bonneville features a smooth, enagaging sonic profile, that delivers incredible detail and resolution while being smooth enough to keep fatigue low and allow for hours of enjoyement and everyday use.

With incredible low-end texture, smooth, rich vocal performance, and just the right amount of high-end, Bonneville is an extremely versatile earphone that can handle any genre.

Safe and Sound: Solid Body Design

Campfire Audio’s patented Solid Body Design allows driver installation directly into a single, precisely 3D printed ‘engine block’ that routes the sound to the listener and uses built-in geometry to tune and accent the drivers in an intentional and exact manner that elevates the listening experience for the user.

Additionally, this build style additionally improves the structural integrity within the earphone, and eliminates variables and points of failure that other forms of driver routing can be susceptible to. 

"The Campfire Audio Bonneville delivers a captivating and balanced listening journey, making it a compelling choice for those seeking a flagship IEM with a distinctive sonic character."

- Paweł Szachno, Ear Fidelity

Phase Harmony Engineering

At Campfire Audio, our philosophy regarding driver treatment informs a considered approach that emphasizes quality over quantity. In the arms-race to fit a higher and higher number of drivers into an earphone, we find that a results-driven technique to driver treatment produces superior results with less room for pitfalls and ever-expanding variables that can undermine product consistency. 

One of the products of this approach is our Phase Harmony Engineering, that allows us to segment the frequency spectrum and assign these segments to specific drivers, and allows those drivers to apply their strengths to that area. Using a combination of precision engineered driver housings and shell geometry, coupled with custom damping values we are able to physically shape the tuning and response of the drivers, and further, their interaction with one another. This driver-to-driver interaction is crucial to eliminating points of potential phase cancellation and creating the intangibles that don’t show on a frequency response curve; imaging, separation, resolution, and soundstage. 

  • Peak Performance

    Fathom is precision engineered inside-and-out by the same engineering team that has brought you all Campfire IEMs for years. Leveraging our many in-house designs and advancements, Fathom is the new standard bearer for the all-BA branch of our IEM evolution.

  • Tuned With Intention

    This curve displays relative volume levels at each point across the frequency spectrum, reflecting Fathom's careful balance and refinement in tuning. Though FR curves are a great general guide, they can't convey technicalities like soundstage, imaging, layering, etc

"Built for the ultimate audiophile: Bonneville combines cutting-edge hybrid technology with artistic design to guide you through a symphonic journey, unraveling the intricate layers of your favorite music with unparalleled precision."

- Audiophile Heaven

Texture, Power, Accuracy: Campfire's new Dual-Magent Dynamic Driver

Campfire Audio’s new Dual Magnet Dynamic Driver leverages an enhanced magnetic field to create greater efficiency, superior transient response, and precision diaphragm movement. This advanced audiophile transducer is characterized by a deep, emotionally resonant sound signature.

In Bonneville, the Dual-Magnet DD is implemented as a woofer, providing a rich, accurate low-end that is capable of digging deep into sub-frequencies without encroaching on the rest of the frequency range. When paired with Bonneville’s three lightning-fast balanced armatures, the Dual-Mag is free to roam the depths of the low-end, and bring that crucial sense of satisfaction to your HiFi experience. 

"The Campfire Audio Bonneville is a superb IEM that delivers exceptional audio performance across the frequency spectrum. Its powerful and impactful bass, clear and smooth midrange, and crisp and airy treble combine to create a truly immersive and enjoyable listening experience."

-Gökhan Aydin, Moonstar Reviews

  • Bonneville comes with two accessory package options:

    Essential: Single TimeStream Cable (2.5, 3.5, or 4.4), Breezy Bag Carrying Case

    Deluxe: Three TimeStream Cables (2.5, 3.5, & 4.4), Handmade Leather Case

    Both Packages include a Breezy Bag Micro 2-pocket mesh bag, a full compliment of eartips, microfiber cloth, IEM Cleaning Tool, and our famous CA Lapel Pin

  • Built by Hand in the United States

    All units of Bonneville are meticulously built by hand by a small team in Portland, Oregon. Each unit is stamped with the signature of one of our five incredible production technicians that built your earphone from start to finish.

Enjoy New Heights of Sonic Satisfaction with Bonneville