Brighten-up Your Listening Experience

Chose your sound, fit, and style with the Campfire Chromatic Series

Tailor Your Sonic Experience

Our Chromatic Series features four distinct models with different driver compliments and sonic signatures. Each model is available in its designated colorway or our traditional black with three selectable fit styles (Universal, Custom 'Audiophile', or Custom 'Artist')

Additionally, you can select between our Essential or Deluxe accessory package to suit your needs.

  • Bonneville

    Incredibly versatile and well balanced, Bonneville uses our new dual magnet dynamic driver to create satisfying bass impact and texture. Vocals are sweet and detailed, while highs are smooth without compromising clarity or resolution.

    Starting at $1399

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  • Supermoon

    Campfire's premier Planar Magnetic IEM, Supermoon uses a single 14mm planar driver to deliver its unique sonic signature. Delivering incredible speed and resolution alongside a velvety, impactful bass response.

    Starting at $1099

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  • Ponderosa

    Utilizing our renowned five-balanced-armature internal architecture, Ponderosa delivers a balanced profile just north of neutral. Bass is tight and resolving, mids and vocals slightly forward, and highs crisp and refined.

    Starting at $799

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  • Cascara

    Applying our new Dual-Magnet dynamic driver as a single, full-range driver, Cascara creates a cohesive, bombastic sound signature featuring powerful, deep-reaching bass response and a smooth, detailed top-end.

    Starting at $499

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Solid Body Design

Campfire Audio’s patented Solid Body Design allows driver installation directly into a single, precisely 3D printed ‘engine block’ that routes the sound to the listener and uses built-in geometry to tune and accent the drivers in an intentional and exact manner that elevates the listening experience for the user.

Additionally, this build style additionally improves the structural integrity within the earphone, and eliminates variables and points of failure that other forms of driver routing can be susceptible to. 

Superior Comfort & Isolation

Our Chromatic Series brings incredible fit and ergonomics to your listening experience. Get a personalized, precision fit, with our CIEM options, or, enjoy our universal fit-style; a special aggregate of the thousands of inner-ear impressions we've received throughout the years. Perfectly sculpted to fit the contours of your ear in a lightweight form factor for hours of wearability.

The Chromatic Series also offers incredible isolation, blocking out the world and bringing you to an intimate musical experience. Combined with its incredible comfort, your Chromatic Series earphone is an incredible campanion for flights, coffee shops, and all the moments in between.

A Tool for Every Job

"At Campfire Audio, our initial mission was straightforward: to offer uncompromising sound at an excellent value. With the launch of the Chromatic Series, we're not just extending our product line; we're expanding on that mission. This series brings the same exceptional audio quality that fans of Campfire Audio have come to love, while also aiming to make premium sound more accessible.

The Chromatic Series is designed for discerning listeners who don't want to compromise on quality, no matter their point of entry. It's our next step in a continuing commitment to bring unparalleled sound experiences to an ever-widening audience. Because in the world of Campfire Audio, exceptional sound is an attainable aspiration for all."