Campfire Audio Chromatic Series

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  • Bonneville

    "[Bonneville] combines fantastic bass response with excellent control, creamy musical mids with nice timbre, and extended, articulated treble which is never fatiguing. The overall technical performance is also noteworthy, with a well-executed staging performance in particular."

    - Berkhan, Headfonia
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  • Supermoon

    "Supermoon offers by far the best technical performance from their entire lineup. This planar-magnetic CIEM has a crazy resolution and detail retrieval that is definitely one of the best in its price bracket."

    - Paweł Szachno, Ear Fidelity
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Full, Side-by-Side, Chromatic Series Breakdown

Head over to The Headphone List for a thorough, model-by-model walkthrough of the entire Chromatic Series from Guy Lerner.

  • Cascara

    It brings an exceptionally fun sound that’s easy to lose hours too, whether you’re listening to your favorite music or slipping away into a video game. Its unique look and fit makes it even better as one of the most isolating IEMs in its price range.

    - Chris Coke,
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  • Ponderosa

    "The Ponderosa provides listeners with a jack-of-all-trades sound that works with pretty much everything you toss at it. The emphasized upper mids and lower treble guide the Ponderosa’s tune, giving it an energetic presence that helps balance out a warm, and visceral low-end presentation."

    - Thomas, Headfonics
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