Experience the unparalleled, massive impact of the Campfire flagship

Pushing the Limits: Three 10mm ADLC Dynamic Drivers

Trifecta is Campfire’s first and only IEM to feature three, full range 10mm dynamic drivers. This allows Trifecta to move a significant amount of air, creating a signal that is powerful enough to conjure an over-ear like experience in the compact, personal, and portable form-factor of an IEM.

"The Campfire Audio Trifecta are probably the best IEMs you’ll ever hear, bar none."

- Mark Sparrow, Forbes

Bringing it all together

Campfire's Triangular Additive Acoustic Chamber

Trifecta’s central chamber is specially engineered to combine Trifecta’s three full-range dynamic drivers into a single, cohesive force. With all three drivers facing one another, they feed into the triangle-shaped chamber, uniting each driver’s air pressure into a powerful wave that helps create Trifecta’s bold, unique sound.

"Trifecta is first and foremost an emotional listen; I can’t help but be swept up in its massive, enveloping bass and smooth, organic midrange. It’s one of the more analogue-sounding IEMs I’ve heard, and is both lifelike and natural when it comes to vocal and instrument timbre."

- Guy Lerner, The Headphone List

Individually Vented Drivers

Rather than a single pressure release for Trifecta’s driver configuration, each driver is individually vented, creating balanced air pressure to the front and rear of the driver. This ensures the driver’s full range of motion, even speed, and greater accuracy, elevating the overall performance of each driver across the frequency spectrum.

  • Fully Equipped

    Fathom includes a premium leather case, handmade by our friends in Portugal, three of our new TimeStream cables 3.5, 4.4, & 2.5), a two pocket Breezy Bag Micro, a full compliment of eartips, an IEM Cleaning Tool, Microfiber cleaning cloth, and our famous CA Lapel Pin.

  • Built by Hand in the United States

    All units of Fathom are meticulously buillt by hand by a small team in Portland, Oregon. Each unit is stamped with the signature of one of our five incredible production technicians that built your earphone from start to finish.

Infuse your listening with energy and excitement with Trifecta