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Time Stream Cable - Metal Series

Time Stream Cable - Metal Series

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Step up your audio game with the Time Stream - Metal Series Cables. This premium edition features all the sonic excellence of our Chromatic Series, enhanced by elegant metal termination accents. Crafted with enameled silver-plated copper conductors and encased in a non-migratory PVC jacket, this cable takes durability and style to the next level. Our custom-made MMCX connectors of copper and beryllium ensure longevity, making this the ultimate investment for the discerning audiophile.


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    Termination Size

    What's Included

    Time Stream Cable with Select Termination.

    Breezy Bag Jr. Case in matching colorway

    Tech Specs

    Wire Material: Enameled Silver Plated Copper

    Treatment: Individually Wire

    Conductor Count: 8

    Jacket: Non-Migratory PVC

    MMCX: Copper & Beryllium

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