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Discover sonic mastery with Trifecta's triple dynamic drivers, delivering a lush and expansive soundstage across multiple genres. A cornerstone in Campfire Audio's journey toward audio excellence.

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Step into a realm of sonic richness with the Trifecta, epitomizing innovation in audio engineering. Engineered with a unique triple dynamic driver configuration, Trifecta elevates your auditory experience by producing an expansive and textured soundscape. Its patent-pending triangular body houses three 10mm, ADLC diaphragm dynamic drivers, ensuring a harmonious blend of frequencies. Revealing its inner magic, an optically clear nylon housing showcases the gold-plated drivers, each masterfully connected with high-purity copper and silver conductors.

Trifecta also set a new standard in cable ergonomics with its inclusion of the Time Stream cables, featuring a diverse set of terminations for ultimate versatility. Completing the experience is the Dimensional Folding Case, a dual-pocket premium leather case that offers an elegant and functional carrying solution. Crafted with scrupulous attention to detail, Trifecta marks a milestone in Campfire Audio's pursuit of aural perfection.


  • Massive and Exciting Sound
  • Three Custom Built 10mm Dynamic Driver with ADLC Diaphragms
  • Optically Clear Nylon Housing
  • Stainless Steel Accents

What's In The Box

  • Trifecta - Premium earphone crafted with care by Campfire Audio

  • Time Stream Cables - Metal Series - Eight silver plated copper conductors in ribbon configuration - 3.5mm / 2.5mm / 4.4mm Terminations Included

  • Select Case; Handmade Leather 'Dimensional Folding' Case

  • Earphone Tips: Marshmallow and Silicon - Various Sizes

Tech Specs

  • Frequency Response: 5Hz–20 kHz
  • SPL: 94 dB @ 1 kHz: 16.91 mVrms
  • Impedance: 6.3 Ohms @ 1 kHz
  • Less than 1% Total Harmonic Distortion