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Gold 16

Gold 16

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The Apex of Hi-Fi and Portability

The Gold 16 is made up of 16 pure gold-plated OFC copper conductors. Each conductor comprises 24 strands of individually gold-plated OFC copper with an inner fiber core. These 16 conductors create an IEM cable equaling 18awg overall.

With an FEP (Teflon) jacket that is oil resistant, moisture resistant, and much tougher than PVC or PE jackets, the Gold 16 is highly durable and designed to stand the test of time. The Gold 16 is woven with common mode geometry, creating a jacket-less low impedance effective shield. This enhances the overall depth and soundstage wideness of the cable’s unique sound signature. In addition, the signature weave creates a cable that is extremely quiet with low microphonics.

Soft and flexible, the Gold 16 provides ease of listening and pairs well with balanced armature-based IEMs.

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